Our Studios & Rooms

Our rooms are capable of hosting from single guests to large families. They are situated on the first and second floor of the Hatzigeorgiou family house in the heart of the capital of the island, Karpathos Town or Pigadia. This family house was built in 1954 and features many characteristics of karpathian architecture including very thick exterior cement walls which naturally keep the indoor temperature cool. Our guests enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of downtown Karpathos Town (Pigadia) and the Bay of Pigadia as well as the villages of Menetes, Othos and Aperi across the gulf! We are conveniently located across near all necessary holiday travel amenities like banks, super-markets, restaurants and fast foods, internet cafes, the biggest commercial harbor of the island as well as the Karpathos Taxi Station, the only taxi station on the island! When we say that we are located near all the mentioned we mean literally a 2-4 minute walk!

Each studio and room is equipped with one or two beds, a nightstand, closet space, a table with a small stove for preparation of coffee or tea, two stools and wireless internet access.

Cleaning service starts daily at 11:00 am, except for Sundays.

First Floor

The first floor features three (3) small double rooms, ideal for guests those who don’t travel with much luggage. each equipped with a private bathroom and shower. Two of the rooms feature two (2) separate beds which can be put together for couples or set apart for non-couples. One room features a double bed for couples or single guests. These three rooms share a large veranda featuring shade from the traditional Greek grapevines growing in a ceiling foundation to support them. A large refrigerator is located in the veranda for the shared use of guests of the first floor.

Second Floor

The second floor features two (2) large, very comfortable, fully equipped studio apartments, each featuring its own spacious kitchen, bathroom and shower. They share a large tiled floor veranda which includes a table and chair set for each studio. One studio has two separate bedrooms, one with two single beds and one with one double bed. A fourth bed can be added in the living room area for larger groups. The other studio-apartment features a large traditional Karpathian wood framed sofa decorated with tradional Karpathian knits. On the sofa are two beds, one double and one single. A fourth bed can be added in the living room area for larger groups. These two studio-apartments are in very high demand so please book them ahead of time!