What To Do & What To See

Karpathos is an island that many have heard but few have experienced… Variety, contrast and harmony creates a fascinating landscape and a destination that remains unforgettable. The transition from landscape to landscape and the changes of colors and shapes are frequent and unexpected and do not let the visitor in boredom. From the hillsides with steep slopes, the green valleys and the beaches with crystal waters and golden sun. Discover small picturesque villages while if you are seeking sun and sand visit some of the best in the cleanest water to swim in Mediterranean or eat fresh fish at very old authentic fishing villages. Karpathos offers a variety of options to see and do.

The village Olymbos is a must! Because Karpathos was often raided by pirates, this little village was camouflaged since the people built their houses with natural stone. The village is also called “the Women’s Village”) since the women have been and are in majority: their men have either been out fighting pirates and Turks, or forced to work abroad. There are also many local customs here not to be found anywhere else in Greece.

Lefkos is a very pretty little fishing village that is worth a visit, or why not stay the night here. In Arkasa there is a church from the 5th century, Agia Sophia (“Holy Wisdom”). The village Aperi is located on a height of 320m, and used to be the capital, and it is very pretty with small churches, a little square and a fountain.

Menetes is a village in the mountains built during the Middle Ages. There are many churches here as well as an archaeological museum, and the view is breathtaking.

Vounos was likely a fortified castle in the Mycenaean times and was the ancient citadel of Posideon raised over the port of Karpathos. Today are existing only foundations of buildings and parts of cyclopean walls.

In Pigadia is located the Cave of Poseidon in the area of Mili. This is a sculptured tomb or sanctuary. There are indications that in front of the tomb was a wooden building. Perhaps the sanctuary was dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite from the fact that they have found statues of Venus in the region. The cave of Poseidon is eroded by the continued use by sepherds. They also found tombs from the Minoan and Mycenaean era in the surrounding area. On the beach of Pigadia in the area Afoti are the ruins of an Early Christian basilica of St. Fotini.