Karpathos Island

Karpathos island is located on the southeastern-most part of Greece and is situated between the islands of Rhodes and Crete. The island has yet to receive extensive publicity by the media, which has allowed it to maintain its virgin landscape and one of the words’ oldest communities (Olymbos). This village community has preserved its customs, traditions, arts and dialect for over 3000 years.

Besides its rich history and preserved traditions, Karpathos is full of natural beauties all hidden within the rough terrain of the island. Some of the best Mediterranean beaches according to major European magazines can be found in Karpathos (Apella, Agios Nikolaos of Spoa, Agios Minas), as well as beaches of all tastes and preferences.

Karpathos offers many recreational activities including snorkeling and scuba diving in the waters of the Karpathian Sea as well as windsurfing around Afiartis, near Karpathos Airport. For hikers, Karpathos has 18 hiking paths throughout the southern plains and rough cliffs on the north of the island.

Karpathian cuisine is famous for its unique recipes. Some of the most famous dishes are hilopites, makarounes, kofta and kouloures. Try desserts made with local pure ingredients. Among them are the distinguished baklava, loukoumades, sousamomelo, and the karpathian wedding’s traditional sweets.